About Us


Our legal business name is SOUTH TEXAS MUSIC PUBLISHING and our website is TEJANOSONGWRITER.COM. We established our music publishing business back in 1991 and currently are headquartered in Spring, Texas which is a northern suburb of Houston.

We are affiliates of The Harry Fox Agency and BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) and utilize their services for the collections of royalties, both mechanical and performance rights.

We have established TEJANOSONGWRITER.COM with the vision of it becoming a community of songwriters. Our website will serve as a showcase for member songwriters and their new songs/works.

To become a member of our community, we will not require songwriters to either sign a contract with us or assign the copyright ownership of their works to our publishing entity. The only requirement will be that they sign up for a fee based membership into our community if they wish to be included and showcased on this site. For further information on songwriter membership, the requirements and benefits please visit our Membership page via the link provided above.

That being said, as a music publisher we are open to representing the works of songwriters that seek the assistance that an established music publisher can provide with its various resources, experience, expertise and contacts. We do reserve the right to accept or decline representing anyone based on certain criteria and ethics that guide us. If we honestly do not feel that we can help you, we will not mislead you and sign you up just for the sake of putting you under contract. We will always be honest, truthful, fair and upfront with everyone.

For further information regarding our Company and/or services, please contact us by filing out the Contact Form or you can write to us at: SOUTH TEXAS MUSIC PUBLISHING P.O. BOX 442 SPRING, TEXAS 77383