Demo Formatting

These are our recommended guidelines for preparing demos of your songs:

  1. A vocal singing the lyric that conveys the storyline
  2. An accompanying instrument such as a guitar or piano
  3. Optional: A lead instrument adding a little color to the song but not overwhelming or interfering with the lyric

Again, this is our recommendation and we will certainly accept higher produced demos as long as they contain at least two of the three elements stated above.

Demo submission: You can submit the demos in just about any format but MP3s are probably the easiest and fastest for doing it over e-mail.

Demo preparation assistance: We offer fee based assistance in preparing demos. Please click on the Services Offered page to see the details.

Important Reminder: Remember that you must provide us with the proof that you have either copyrighted your song or at a minimum, proof that you have filed a copyright registration for your song.