Fuentes, Encarnacion


 Pic Name: Encarnación Fuentes
Born: McAllen,Texas
Graduate: McAllen High School, Sam Houston State University
Affiliation: BMI
Publisher: South Texas Music Publishing
Genres: Tejano, Country, Christian, Contemporary Pop
Languages: English, Spanish
Awards: Tejano Roots Hall of Fame inductee 2005, Tejano Academy Of Musicians Legacy Award 2008
Contact: tejanosongwriter@att.net


  Encarnación Fuentes or Carney as he’s known by family and friends became interested in music with the arrival of the Beatles to the United States. While in junior high, he and some neighborhood friends decided to form a band and thus began his journey into music. It was about this time that he also began to feel an interest for songwriting, penning an English tune entitled “And Suddenly”. His band at the time was called Sweet Rain and this song along with a flip side cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”, were recorded on the ARV record label which was the international label for the Falcon Record Company of McAllen. His song received a small amount of airplay on the local English rock radio station, KRIO.It wasn’t until 1971 when he was asked to audition for the famous Tejano group “Los Fabulosos Cuatro” that his interest for songwriting truly developed. That year, Los Fabulosos Cuatro recorded one of the most popular albums of their musical body of work entitled “Como Ayer”. In this album Carney wrote and arranged a total of 4 songs which includes “Lágrimas”, “Divorciada Del Amor”, “Solo Pido Tu Regreso” and “Tema de Los Fabulosos”.  He continued to write for subsequent projects by Los Fabulosos Cuatro and penned songs like “Adiós Mi Juan”, “Que Ya Te Vas” (also recorded by Laura Canales and later Adalberto), “No Que No” and others. His most notable work and most covered song to this date is a song entitled “Buscando Estrellitas de Amor”. This song was originally recorded by famed Mexican artist Josué in the 1970’s. Later in this same decade it was covered by Carlos Guzmán in mariachi style, Country Roland in a billigual country version entitled “Searchin’ for Stars”, René y René in a Spanish pop version and finally by the famous Mexican group Liberación in a cumbia version. With the group Liberación this song became a big hit in the Mexican market and according to comments made by it’s leader to Carney, it launched their career.Artists that have recorded songs by Carney include: Los Fabulosos Cuatro, Laura Canales, Adalberto, René y René, Carlos Guzmán, Country Roland Band, Flaco García y Los Valentinos, Liberación, Josué and most recently The Latin Breed.

Carney likes and will continue to stretch his writing wings into other genres. A good example of this can be found in his latest songs that were recorded by legendary Tejano band The Latin Breed for their last album release “Retro”. In this album two of Carney’s songs were selected, songs that show his ability to write in different styles. The first single release on this album is “Yo Sere Feliz” which is a tranditional Tejano style song. As the lead single for this album release, this song received strong airplay across the Tejano radio airwaves. The second song penned by Carney and selected for this project is a song entitled “Provocas En Mi”. With this song, Carney demonstrates his ability to write in the Latin rock style.

Additionally, Carney has written several commercial jingles for a major Hispanic advertising agency headquartered in New York with field offices in Houston. These jingles were featured on both radio and television advertising throughout the Houston market. Lastly, having a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in music has given him the expertise to provide translation services to songwriters that need their songs interpreted in either language (English or Spanish).

Carney continues to write and hopes to become more involved in the music industry and any other industry that requires any type of musical works. He states, “I’m a songwriter and I’m well assimilated in both the English and Spanish cultures and as such, feel that I have the ability to write for whatever the project demands in either language”. Currently he is busy writing for a reunion album project for Los Fabulosos Cuatro this coming year.