Questions & Answers?

Q: Do I have to be an established songwriter to be a member?

A: No, you just have to be a songwriter.

Q: Do I have to write Tejano songs to be a member?

A: No, we accept most genres of songs and as a matter of fact, we encourage our writers to branch out into other genres of writing.

Q: What other genres of songs do you recommend?

A: A few examples would be: Christian, Country, Children’s, Rock, Contemporary, R&B, Funk, etc. We never know who will be visiting our website so we should not limit ourselves. What if an elementary teacher visits our site and happens to hear a demo of a cool children’s song on our site. This might open an unexpected door for you.

Q: Do I have to write in Spanish to be a member?

A: No, we encourage our writers to write in both languages, English and Spanish.

Q: Do I have to assign my songs to your publishing Company to be a member?

A: No, not at all.

Q: What benefits do I receive for being a member?

A: There are several benefits so please click on the Membership page link above to see a detail explanation of the benefits.

Q: How do I prepare my demos?

A: Click on the Demo Formatting link above for detailed information on the recommended manner in preparing a demo.

Q: I might need some help in preparing my demos. Can you help me?

A: Click on the Services Offered link above for detailed information about the additional fee based services we offer.

Q: If I have 5 demos posted on my profile page and I’ve written 2 new songs how can I get these posted?

A: Each membership is allowed 5 demos at any one given time. We can either replace 2 old ones with the 2 new ones or we can add the 2 new ones to your profile for an added (but nominal) fee that is added to your monthly membership fee.

Q: So what is the monthly membership fee?

A: As stated on our Membership page, the monthly fee is $25.00 and the specific benefits you get for this fee are listed on this page as well.

Q: How will I pay for my membership?

A: All membership fees will be billed monthly and payment must be provided via a valid credit card.

Q: How long do I have to keep my membership?

A: Memberships are monthly so if you decide to stop your membership, all you have to do is provide us with a cancellation notice via e-mail and we will terminate your membership at the end of your payment period.

Q: Are my songs protected if I place demos on this site?

A:   We require that members file a copyright on any song that they wish to post on our website. A copyright establishes the copyright holder as the owner of the song. Bear in mind that a copyright registration does not prevent anyone from illegally using a song but what it does do is that it gives the copyright holder legal recourse against copyright infringement.

Q: If someone used my song without permission, can you help me pursue legal action?

A:   No, we are not attorneys. We do offer fee based administrative services and one thing we might be able to do for you is to write letters of inquiry on your behalf, to the party that you believe used your song illegally. Sometimes, this alone rectifies the situation but if it doesn’t, we would then advise you to seek legal counsel that would guide you as to what legal recourse you might have. We have written letters on behalf of clients in the past with good results, so this is a logical and more affordable first step.

Q: Can you file the copyright on my songs?

A: We only file copyrights on behalf of songs that we represent. We do offer fee based administrative services if you need assistance with these filings.

Q: I can probably do this myself so why should I become a Member?

A: Some songwriters are able to do all of this for themselves and if you’re one of them, then you should do it. This community is for songwriters that might not be able to do all or any part of this process but most importantly, understand the concept of “strength in numbers”. As a community of songwriters, we will exist in our own unique place on the internet where music professionals as well as the general public can come and see our work. Furthermore, as a community we can share ideas with each other and hopefully be willing to help each other achieve success.

Q: How soon can I become a member?

A: Send us an e-mail by filing out the Contact Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to begin the process.

Q: I’m a music professional and I heard a song on your site that I have an interest in licensing for use in one of my projects so who do I contact about securing a mechanical/synchronization license?

A: If the member songwriter has a direct contact on their profile page, you may contact them directly because it probably means that they administer their own works. If they don’t list their direct contact information, send us an e-mail utilizing the Contact Form and we will forward your inquiry to the appropriate party.

Q: I’m a visitor to your website, not a music professional. Is there anything I can do to help promote your efforts or an individual songwriter that I like?

A: First of all, thank you for your kindness and willingness to help. Here are a few ideas: 1) Spread the word about our site via any source like your Facebook page and other social media 2) If you know of songwriters in your area that might be interested in our community, let them know about our site 3) If you know recording artists or music professionals, let them know about our site and in particular, about any songwriter or song that you especially like 4) Remember, songs are not just used by recording artists but by many entertainment type companies. If you have contacts with professionals in other types of industries that use songs and music (such as film, documentaries, gaming, educational, commercial jingles, etc. ) let them know about our site. Our members are talented songwriters and if challenged, we’re sure they can write for whatever need is requested.