Services Offered

Note: All of these services are fee based and the actual fee will be based on the specific and/or unique needs that you might have. Please fill out our Contact Form if you wish a fee quote.


  • Complete demo recordings of your song (s)
    • This demo will include the musical accompaniment along with a vocalist singing your song
  • Partial demo recording of your song (s)
    • This demo will “only” include the musical accompaniment and no singing voice. You can take this music track and add your voice to it at your own recording facility.


  • If you have a recording and need musical work added like keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals and various other instruments, we can do this for you.
  • If you need an arrangement of your song, we can do this for you.
  • We have the capability of doing things like transferring old audio tapes (ADAT tapes, cassette, ¼” masters and vinyl albums or singles) to CDs (compact discs).


  • If you only write lyrics, we can assist you in putting music to your lyrics
  • If you only write music, we can assist you in putting lyrics to your music (English or Spanish)
  • If you require sheet music for your songs, we can produce the sheet music that will include musical notation of the melody, chord structure and lyrics
  • If you want an English or Spanish version of your song, we can help you with a translation or as we prefer to think of it, an interpretative version of your song


  • We can assist you with
  1. the filing of copyrights
  2. the filing of performance rights clearance forms
  3. the issuing of mechanical licenses
  4. the writing of various letters regarding your works that have been used by an individual or company
  5. if we missed anything just ask
  • Our fees for these tasks are strictly for the administrative tasks that we do and we do not add additional cost for the actual copyright, clearance form or mechanical license filing fees. Basically, we charge for being your administrative assistant (this is for those that hate to do the paperwork)